Your Skill & Career

Your Skill and Career

Developing Your Potential

Mechatronics is the combination of mechanical and electronic computer systems. It's not just robots. Think of all the electronic systems controlling machinery in your life everyday. When you push the elevator button, adjust the thermostat, start the coffee maker, the microwave, the computer printer... You get the idea: Those are all mechatronic systems. The opportunities for engineers and technicians that understand both mechanical systems and computer systems have got to be tremendous.

Hands-On Practice and Study Is Just The Start

Employers today are looking for top technical skills, that's for sure. But they are also looking for "soft-skills": teamwork, collaboration, communication, networking. Part of your studies develop those skills. To take it to the next level you should take some initiative:

Join A Professional Organization

A professional organization (or association) is a group of people with common interests: they could be in any trade or profession, or even hobby. They organize to help set standards, to study new technologies, to advance their field, and to network with each other at local meetings and national conferences. And, importantly, to help and encourage students that plan to join their profession. Nearly every professional organization offers special student rates that are very cheap (usually around $25 for a whole year) and substantial benefits.

Which One To Join?

Great question. 

  • First of all, join an organization that covers your profession (or future profession) or the industry that you want to work in. That seems obvious.
  • Second, choose one that has an active local chapter at your school and in your area. You want to meet people who are working in your industry, that can advise you and that may recommend you for a job (if you make a good impression).
For mechatronics students, who are studying mechanical, electrical, computer or industrial design engineering there are three good possibilities, with reference to the City Tech area (Brooklyn, New York).

ASME International
The American Society of Mechanical Engineers has over 120,000 members worldwide. They have substantial member benefits and the New York Chapter hosts a nice dinner a couple of times a year. Their central focus is Mechanical Engineering which covers a lot of territory.

The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers advances technology to serve humanity and promote a sustainable world. Membership is open to any person associated with the field (from their website). In metropolitan areas (like New York) many mechanical and electrical engineers work in the construction industry. The complex systems used to heat, cool and ventilate large building provide lots of opportunities.
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The Institute of Electronic and Electrical Engineers is probably the largest association for the advancement of technology. Electrical, computer and electronic engineering student in particular may wish to join IEEE.
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