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City Tech Club Fair, Spring 2011 Term

Can You Find Yourself in The Video ?

The Spring term is off and running and we showed our stuff at the Club Fair. Here is a short video taken by Bijan Bayat Mokhtari

YouTube Video

The Flexbot Prototype Project

The initial prototype was fashioned from Tetrix chassis and drive components, using a low-cost Arduino microprocessor to control the device. Students programmed the processor to provides wireless control in autonomous and user-control modes. The drive suspension is a simple innovation that allows the device to traverse challenging terrains.

A larger prototype was constructed using FRC (First Robotics) drive components on a hybrid chassis of structural shapes. The challenge was to control the larger motors using the small Arduino micro-controller.

YouTube Video


Built for speed, our Racebots are part of a program to engage students both within our program and across our school community. Students will build and race these small robots for fun and in competition.

This model is made for wireless user control using Tetrix chassis and drive components and the NXT "brick" as the micro-controller. It is programmed in Robot C.

YouTube Video