RICC 2011

Two City Tech Teams were selected to participate in 2011 Robotics Innovations Competition and Conference (RICC) held in Holiday Inn, Wobum, MA. The theme of the 2011 RICC is Robot Mobility through Unconventional Means. RICC challenged University-level students to engineer robotic so9lutions to real-world problems focusing on: Innovation, Technical Approach, and Professionalism.

The two robots that City Tech students used for the RICC are FlexBot and SpiderBot. FlexBot has a unique chassis design that allows the robot to navigate through rough terrains. SpiderBot was designed to climb vertical walls. Figure 1 shows a poster for the FlexBot project and Figure 2 is a poster for the SpiderBot project.

FlexBot Project
                                                                               Figure 1 FlexBot Project

SpiderBot Project
                                                                            Figure 2 SpiderBot Project

Students at the RICC had to answer tough questions posted by judges. This gave students new experience in dealing with real questions and sharpen their skills in problem solving and communications. The following are some of the pictures taken at the RICC.

Andy Zhang,
Jun 5, 2013, 1:23 PM