Robotics/Design Competitions/Conferences

It takes many years for college graduates to become competent engineers and designers. Colleges and universities should provide opportunities for students to practice engineering and learn from their mistakes before they leave colleges. No one can become a competent engineer or designer without experiencing numerous failures. The hands-on design competitions help the students gain valuable experience and grow their problem solving skills. These design competitions help students to realize the multidisciplinary nature of product design and appreciate the importance of teamwork, time management, and how to collaborate with other members in the team. They learn leadership skills as well.

Since the fall 2010, students working in the MTC have participated in many college level competitions which include:

Two City Tech teams, FlexBot team and SpiderBot team were selected to participate in the 2011 RICC Confereence and Competition held in April 2011 in WPI.

2. American Society of Mechanical Engineers: Inter Collegial Competition, 2012

Since 2011, MTC has sent more than six teams each year to participate in annual ASME Inter-Collegial Competition held in Cooper Union in New York. 

3. American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME): ISHOW, June 2011

City Tech's SniffBot team was selected among MIT, John Hopkins University, and Rice University as one of the top 10 teams to participate in 2011 ASME ISHOW held in Dallas, Texas.

4. ASEE Design and Manufacturing Competition, 2012

Rare Loop Finder team: Maria Vanegas, Ali Harb, Daniel Huljev, Ethan Wong, and Anthony Francis. Click for Report.

                                           5. Robotics Tournament of Champions (RTC), April 2012

                                                        City Tech held an annual Robotics Tournament of Champions (RTC)  on April 28, 2012. RTC was to encourage college students from different engineering
                                                        technology fields to work together.

                                                      6. Digilent ChipKit Design Competition, May 2013

Aside from helping college students to participate in various college level competitions, Mechatronics Technology Center (MTC) also provided and hosted training events for high school students who are members of in FRC & FTC.