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The Mechatronics Technology Center (MTC) at City Tech provides a multidisciplinary platform for students to engage in hands-on learning. It enables students to apply what they have learned in the classroom to solve real-world problems. "Learning by doing" gives students incentive to learn more, helps them to gain valuable experience, and provides necessary exposure to the crucial area of product design and development. The materials and knowledge learned in the classroom come alive when students see and touch real products and real mechanisms they built.In the hands-on academic environment, students are allowed to make mistakes and learn from their mistakes.  As an old saying said: "Failure is the mother of success".

Mechatronics technology has been identified as one of the top 10 emerging technologies of the 21st century.  Mechatronics Technology Center (MTC) funded by National Science Foundation's Advanced Technology Education (ATE) division provides hands on training in emerging mechatronics product design. Engineering technician education must be aligned with industry practice in order to maintain global competitiveness in the new and growing field of mechatronic product design and development. The MTC provides students a framework of fundamental design knowledge with hands on cross disciplinary activities that allow them to develop an interdisciplinary understanding and integrated approach to product design. This project engages and prepares students by adapting the well established Robotics Academy of Carnegie Mellon University curriculum and teaches the various aspects of mechatronic product design with embedded systems using a concurrent engineering approach.

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