Summer 2011

Introduction to Engineering Design through Robotic Design Projects
Summer Program for High School Students

In the Summer of 2011, from July 11 to August 4 The Mechatronics Technology Center at City Tech conducted a 4-week workshop for a select group of New York City High School Students. The workshop utilizes the hardware and software adopted by FIRST's FRC and FTC divisions.

Goals and Objectives:

The goal is to introduce high school students to the field of mechatronics technology/robotic technology through hands-on robotic design projects using hardware and software adopted by FIRST. In each hands-on project, students will given a specific role and prepare a report to list the findings or tasks on what he/she should do as a member of the design team (a mechanical engineer, an electrical/electronic engineer, an industrial designer, and computer engineer, etc). At the end of the training, each student should be able to:

  1. Identify and explain the roles of each member in a design team 
  2. Understand the basics of concurrent engineering design concepts
  3. Create simple 3D parts using basic math skills
  4. Understand basic engineering concepts such as statics and strength of materials
  5. Use reverse engineering concepts to refine an existing design
  6. Create a prototype using 3D printer
  7. Build and program a functional FTC or FRC robot