STEP (3/30/2012 - 4/1/2012)

The New York State STEP robotics competition takes place in Albany New York from March 30th, 2102 to April 1st, 2012. To find out more information click HERE. For more information on City Tech's robotics team Robee#1 click HERE.


Here Is New York City College of Technology's Robee#1 Team that competed in this years competition:


                       Robee#1 prototype                                                       Robee#1 in practice playing field

                       Robee#1  final prototype                                             Robee#1 in competition playing field

City Tech has collaborated with Science Skills Central High School in order to mentor aspiring robotic development students. The team Robee # 1 consists of Science Skills Central High School students Rama Sagna, mechanical engineer, Tiara Mills, industrial engineer, Adrian Ayuso, electrical engineer, and Eduardo Arguello computer engineer. The team's supporting faculty members are City Tech's Dr. Andy Zhang, Dr. Iem Heng, and coach Ivonne Barreras. For further information, see the attached document below.

Robee#1 Practice Playing Feild

Robee#1 Two Ball Pick Up


The City Tech Robee # 1 team has competed in this year's STEP robotics competition. Science Skills Central High School mentored by City Tech's Professor Zhang, Professor Heng, and coach Ivonne Barreras successfully claimed the third place title.

Here are some photos of the team on the day of the competition:

Team Robee#1 in the playing field with their robot ready to compete.

Everyone is wondering who won the competition at this moment.
Students Cheerful after the competition

Team Robee#1 With the third place winning trophy