RTC Update

The first Annual Robotics Tournament of Chamions (RTC) took place in City Tech's very own Voorhes building. The event was a success and incorporated  various kinds  of engineering and technology skills. There was a huge turn out of participants as well as spectators . The RTC competition was not only an event where the main goal was to win forst place, but an even in which team work, knowledge, and pure fun was incorporated. Many of the students and bystanders were fully involved in the spirit of competition as well as learning new techniques and skills in the technology field. At the end of the competition, the three top winning teams were announced. In third place was City Tech's team "Work hard, Play Hard, Be Hard" which consisted of members Ethan Wong, Alexander Barbaran, Adian Murphy, Fritzpatrick Roque, Binjin Bayat Mokhtan, and Peter Segal. In second place was Queensborough Community College's team "Robo-Mech" which included team members Ryan Rampersad, Luis Solares, Giacomo Parmiren, Carlos Garcia, and David Shokumbl. Finally, the team who received the first place position was  City Tech's " fasTrak_MS" which was advised by Professor Dexter Patrick and included team members Raymond Yap, and Ali Harb. Overall the event was a great success and everyone is enthusiastic to participate in next year's event.

Here are a few images from the RTC event:

               First PlaceTeam ( Denis Fadeyev, Raymond Yap, Ali Harb)                                                  
  Second Place Team ( Luis Solares, Ryan Rampersao, Giacomo Pamirin, Carlos Garcia, Daniel Sholkumbi)


 Third Place Team (Ethan Wong, Alexander Barbaran, Aidan Murphy, Fitzpatrick Roque, Bijin Bayat Mokhtan, Peter Segal)                                               
                                       Group photo for all winning teams

                               Spectators and competitors at RTC event

                                     Display of robots at RTC event 

The RTC competition was featured on Brooklyn News 12 on April 28, 2012. The video can be seen below:

First Annual RTC News Clip

Robotics Tournament of Champions