Cooper Union ASME Competition (4/21/2012)

On April 21st, 2012, New York City College of Technology brought the students from Mechatronics Technology Center (MTC)  to compete in the Cooper Union ASME Competition. This competition entailed 3 engineering design mini-projects.  The 3 projects are: downhill car competition, parachute drop, and tallest freestand tower. The MTC teams had a great time as well as winning two prizes.  We have 6 MTC teams participated in this year Cooper Union ASME Competition.  One of the MTC teams won the 1st place in creativity and design in "downhill car event" .  That was Team#2, and the winning team  members are: Fritzpatrick Rogue, Bijin-Bayat Makhtan, An Lin, and Ethan Wong.  Whereas,  the Team#5 from MTC won 3rd place in the overall ASME Competition.  Team#5 members are: Raymond Yap, Mohammad Faizan Mohsin, and Toluwalope Olaniyan.

Here are a few photos of the Cooper Union ASME Competition and students from City Tech and other colleges:

      Team#2 won Downhill  Car
Competition                                                                        Other team members work diligently

                     Team#5 works together during the competition                                           This is another MTC Citytech team is brainstorming ideas during the competition

ASME Competition 2011 - Coming Soon!